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Spokane light rail and high capacity transportation have been a topic for this community for the past twenty years!  While we are currently adjusting to increased traffic on our roadways, we will soon see more traffic jams and other delays caused by increasing population.  Our region's population will increase by approximately 185,000 people bringing the population total to 561,627 in the next 20-25 years (Source: 2000 Census, Office of  Growth Management). Along with an expanded population for our region, comes an increase in the number of automobiles on the roads and number of miles traveled by each vehicle.  Fortunately, there may be a solution to help address these concerns:  a Spokane Regional Light Rail Project and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which would bring federal funds directly to the region for the project.

For the past ten years, regional planners, elected officials, business interests and private citizens have worked together to identify possible locations for a starter high capacity transit alignment to serve the Spokane region.  We are exploring alternatives that would help meet the transportation needs of this growing region.

This site is based on the original Spokane Regional Light Rail Project site that was created for STA's Regional Light Rail Steering Committee. The original site being in the public domain, and in the interest of not having to re-create content, InlandRail has taken the opportunity to utilize the site, but with certain limitations. It has been revised in three main ways: (1) the footer and other areas were changed to remove contact information that is no longer valid; (2) the menu structure was revised by deleting certain elements (Project Staff; Public Involvement; Contact Us; Simulations) that are no longer meaningful within the context of the project having been tabled by the STA board. In the case of the simulations, the server on which the simulations were located was taken down by STA; in anticipation of that eventuality, we moved the simulations onto InlandRail's Youtube channel; (3) a link back to the InlandRail site was provided.

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