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From the plethora of reports produced during the original study, we have culled a number of documents that we think are of particular import, with which we hope you will become acquainted. You may view the list of InlandRail's selected documents by opening the menu tree:  Documents... > InlandRail... > (select document).

The entire collection of documents resides at the original Regional Light Rail site.

InlandRail is anxious to make you aware of notable provisions in some selected documents. As the former project manager for the STA-derailed light rail project, InlandRail board president K.C. Traver has an unparalleled level of knowledge and understanding of all the project nuances, and below shares some of his thoughts. Please read on in order that you might "tune in" to some of the subtle but important implications. Where available, links to the executive summaries (only) have been provided so that you may print the salient information for later review.
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