Probably like a lot of folks, I (Dick Raymond) have been following the tantalizing story around Boeing’s intent to consider locations other than Everett when they ramp up production of the 737 in response to seriously increasing demand. To their credit, the Spokane area politicos seem to be saying and doing the right things as they prepare their pitch to sell the West Plains area as the most logical location for the new facilities.

While I was working at the City of Spokane, they brought sewer and water to the West Plains in anticipation of such an eventuality. Finally, the County Commissioners are at least saying they’re not going to do something stupid (again) when it comes to zoning and land use issues that affect such industry. And, to be sure, it looks like they’re making a solid effort to back up the rhetoric.

As the various groups add up all the “pluses” for why Boeing ought to seriously consider the West Plains area for their next assembly plant, how cool would it be to say, “…and our light rail provides service all the way to Coeur d’Alene!”

Yeah, that would be very cool. It would also require—let’s see—a light rail system. But, that would have required vision on the part of the regional leaders. Oh, well…

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