STA Comprehensive Plan Update

As part of their current (2010) comprehensive plan update effort, STA has produced a pamphlet entitled “The High Performance Transit Network”.  InlandRail picked up a copy when we staffed a booth at the recent Liberty Lake Days celebration, where STA was also staffing a booth.

As you may have surmised, STA is embracing a concept they call High Performance Transit, touting it as “…relevant to both near term challenges and long term opportunities while working towards connecting people with places throughout the Spokane region. A defining element of this vision is the High Performance Transit (HPT) Network.”

In large part, InlandRail agrees with what STA is purportedly attempting, which among other things appears to be proposing a comprehensive and unbiased look at the region’s future transit needs in order to determine an appropriate modal mix to meet those needs. Sounds pretty good.

Well, as great as it feels and sounds, all may not necessarily be wonderful here in River City.  As you may have already guessed, I (Dick Raymond) have written an editorial on this subject that spells out some of my thoughts and concerns regarding STA’s statements and claims. You are encouraged to check out the editorial on our website. 

What’s your opinion? Do you think STA has managed to move beyond their former selves as to be trusted? I hope so. Or, is it more of their legendary status quo-esque sleight of hand? I hope not.

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