KREM TV interview

KREM TV recently interviewed me (Dick Raymond), purportedly about the Inland Empire Rail Transit Association and light rail. Well, to put it kindly it turned out to be not exactly as advertised. You are invited to read/see the KREM story on their website, and then read my website editorial page comments.

My frustration is that no media folks have yet seen fit to do an in-depth analysis of just what has transpired with respect to the light rail story.  Additionally, there’s getting to be more misinformation disseminated about the whole regional transit issue, fueled most recently by the AVISTA and STA team-up pushing for electrified bus rapid transit.

So, what’s the answer? What does InlandRail have to do to bring this to the forefront? My hope is that we’ll eventually capture the attention of some agency, person or organization possessing both perceived and actual clout to get on board and go public with their support of light rail. My guess and hope is that as soon as that happens, all sorts of repressed support will magically appear. Our goal is to get to the point where we can obtain the authorization (and money) to do all the planning necessary to run light rail from the east Spokane City limits all the way out to Spokane International Airport, which planning would include suitable preliminary design plans and a precise cost estimate that would provide ample accurate information necessary to then take the project to a hopefully informed vote of the people.

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  1. Jim Wallrabenstein says:

    What made you think our corporate owned media would be interested in a fair discussion of, let alone promoting anything that was truly in the public interest?

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