Welcome to the inaugural InlandRail blog post!

Many folks have commented that they wished we had an active blog. Well, here it is. We’re still getting our feet wet, so the look may change in the future as we identify and implement any new functionality that becomes available or that we may have overlooked.

This blog was created using the open-source application, “WordPress”. Check it out  at   http://www.wordpress.org.  By using WordPress, we were able to host our blog fully on our own InlandRail server, and not rely on any third-party infrastructure or other hosting agreements. This allows us much better control over the look, feel and security of the blog. So, comment away — let’s see how this thing works out.

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  1. KC Traver says:

    The concept of rail transportation spurring sustainable growth and development is not new for the Spokane region. It is a good idea whose time has come again. We need an electrified light rail system running from Coeur d’Alene ID all the way west to Cheney WA. This would provide a sustainable transportation backbone that would be integrated with the existing bus transit sytem and would further promote walking and bicycling. It would also serve to incentivize growth and development to occur concentrically around station locations in a manner that is mixed-use and much less auto dependent.
    For more information on how you can help bring this vision to our regional community, consider joining and contributing to the Inland Empire Rail Transit Association…”They’re on the Right Track!”

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