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STA’s Latest Shenanigans

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Full disclosure: I (Dick Raymond) am not a fan of STA. First, as the City of Spokane’s representative on the Technical Advisory Committee (to STA’s Light Rail Steering Committee) during the very exhaustive and comprehensive study that concluded light rail transit, along what was called the south valley corridor would be a desirable and feasible regional alternative providing not only long term transportation/transit benefits, but also very significant and positive near and long-term economic development impacts; Second, as a concerned citizen.

So, why the attitude? I am, to say the least, nonplused that after the change in STA leadership late into the study, emphasis at the highest level suddenly changed from “how might this vision be accomplished?” to “how can this whole thing be scuttled?” This ultimately culminated in a vote by the STA Board to set aside the project and disband the Light Rail Steering Committee, thus putting the kibosh on any further development.

This cancellation was after spending $8 million on the study. Eight million bucks down the drain! I wonder how those who worked so hard to obtain the federal grant in the first place feel after that, let alone the feds themselves? The sorry history of this entire ordeal is fully documented on the Inland Empire Rail Transit Association’s (InlandRail) website at You are encouraged to check it out, particularly the Editorial Page. (more…)